‚ÄčDigital Nutrition - Making Athletics Safer

The founder and team

Dr. Fredric Abramson formed Digital Nutrition to develop mobile applications that let users select the foods and supplements that match their DNA. His approach is based in part on his issued U.S. patent: A System and Method for Evaluating and Providing Nutrigenomic Data, Information and Advice (7877273). His patent covers the use of wireless to match the user's genetic data against the ingredients of something the user ingests to lower the risk of disease. Dr. Abramson is an adjunct professor of biotechnology at Johns Hopkins, since 1996. His courses include the Economics of Change in Biotechnology, Creating the Biotechnology Enterprise, and Financial Management in Biotechnology.

Dr. Abramson holds five higher education degrees. These include his Ph.D. in Human Genetics and Population Planning from the University of Michigan, his Master of Science in Management from MIT, where he was an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, and his B.A. in mathematical biology from the University of Pennsylvania. His M.S. in Biology is from the University of Rochester and his J.D. is from American University.

Dr. Abramson's service has been recognized by international bodies. He was the Chair of the Business Section of the Software Publishers Association, and was the designated U.S. representative to the European Union Fifth Framework on NutriGenomics. 

Dr. Abramson is joined by a team of accomplished individuals.

Dr. Jennie Hunter-Cevera is a senior advisor. Dr. Hunter-Cevera served for ten years as the president of the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, and was the Executive Vice President of Discovery and Analytical Sciences, Government Relations, Public Relations and Corporate Development at Research Triangle Institute International. Her 22 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries include work with E. R. Squibb and Sons, Cetus Corporation, GeoBiotics and Universal Foods. She founded both The Biotic Network and Blue Sky Laboratory and spent five years as the head of the Center for Environmental Biotechnology at the E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr. Hunter-Cevera holds 15 patents in the area of natural products Dr. Hunter-Cevera received her doctorate in microbial physiology and biochemistry from Rutgers, following her bachelor's degree in biology and a master's degree in microbial ecology from West Virginia University. 

Dr. Ruth Abramson is a senior advisor. Dr. Abramson is a clinical professor of Behavior Genetics in the Department of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of South Carolina Medical School. Her prior service includes serving as Chief, Psychiatric Genetic Services at the William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute and Director of the Huntington's Disease Test and Clinical Services Center. Her Ph.D. in Human Genetics is from the University of Michigan, and her A.B. in chemistry is from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Abramson is board certified in Medical Genetics, and was a founding fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics. Dr. Abramson was one of the co-authors on the 2017 study showing two genetic markers related to concussion risk.